Essentially the purpose of the group is to visit churches , in Oxfordshire and Bucks., that are of significant historical and architectural interest. According to architectural research there are some 115 churches that fit the bill in Oxfordshire alone. At the rate of 11 per annum that should keep us in visits for quite a while!
At present we have 20 members.

We meet at 10:00 am , at the church of the month, on the fourth Friday of each month,
The dates remaining for this year are as follows, and the churches have been selected.
August 23rd.
September 27th
October 25th
November 22nd
No visit in December obviously. I prepare a list of churches three months at a time which I send out to the members and remind the group on the preceding Monday. I also ask for car sharing where possible.

David Fahey - Group Coordinator

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